Sketch the Rhyme at Giant Dwarf ft. Ozi Batla & Jannah Beth

After our sold out April return to Sydney, we're back at Giant dwarf on Sat July 29.

The show will feature MCs Rapaport, P.Smurf, Ozi Batla (The Herd, Elefant Traks) Jannah Beth, Artists Claire Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Mie Nakazawa, Duckman & Edgarr and live band Alon Ilsar, and Daniel Pliner.

presale tix $20 from Giant Dwarf


And... We're Back!!!

After 3 years lost in the wilderness of personal projects, touring, travels and other poor excuses we are bringing back Sketch The Rhyme to Sydney at a new home, Giant Dwarf.

The show will feature MCs Rapaport & P.Smurf, OG artists Sam Clouston, Mie Nakazawa, Duckman & Edgarr and feature guests MCs Ellesquire and Jannah Beth,

In addition we will be joined by the incredible live band The Sticks, led by the Airsticks wielding Alon Ilsar, our musical director Josh Ahearn and prolific show stopper Daniel Pliner.

Presale tix $15 from Giant Dwarf

STR April

Sketch The Rhyme at Perth Writers Festival 2016

Sketch The Rhyme is coming to Perth and Albany for the first time ever for the Perth Writers Festival. We have a brand new touring show with four performers, Rapaport & P.Smurf, visual artist Sam Clouston, and Drummer Josh Ahearn.

We have also locked in a bunch of esteemed WA guests for various shows including Mathas, Silvertongue, Empty, Macshane, Archi and artist Sam Shields.

Sketch the Rhyme Shows at PIAF

Thurs Feb 18
9:45am - Perth - Perth Writers Festival, Octagon Theatre
7:30pm - Albany - Albany Entertainment Centre

Fri Feb 19
7:30 pm - Albany - Denmark Civic Centre

Sat Feb 20
6:30pm - Perth - Perth Writers Festival, Romeo Tent

Sun Feb 20
2pm - Perth - Perth Writers Festival, Romeo Tent


3rd & Final Round

Thurs 27th March@ The Basement

Doors 7pm / $18 presale from Moshtix / $22 on the door / 29 Reiby Place Circ Quay


Two teams of 4 players, 2 rappers & 2 artists per team, going head-to-head representing their home turf in a kind of Sketch The Rhyme royal rumble... There can only be one winner.

This is the final of a special gameshow tournament series over the last 3 months at The Basement.

With our killer live band, special guests from across the country, and a whole host of new games we're taking the competition up a notch. Come and watch us do battle!

RED - Australia
Rappers: P.Smurf & Ozi Batla (the Herd)
Artists: Sam Clouston & Duckman

BLUE - Scotland*
Rappers: Jeswon & Silvertongue (Scotland)
Artists: Claire Nakazawa & Ox

* - Silvertongue only actual Scottish member of the Scotland team



SILVERTONGUE & "Sketch The Rhyme, Scotland"

In September 2011 Rapaport went backpacking solo around Europe for a couple months. Whilst in Scotland during the Edinburgh Fringe festival Rapaport organised a Sketch The Rhyme show with a complete Edinburgh cast of artists called the TOo Much Fun Club, a DJ and an incredible local freestyle MC Silvertongue.

At the time Silvertongue was a 21 yr old Freestyle Battle Champ, and the go to MC for all hip hop, and Bass music events in Edinburgh.

Rapaport and the Scottish crew who had never before seen the show, organised and promoted the show, borrowing cameras and tech gear from Edinburgh locals, the crowd was super into the format and we had the most incredible night. From the first game, the Edinburgh crowd vibed off the unavoidable charisma of Silvertongue and the quality and skill of the TMFC artists.

After another 6 weeks of travelling round Europe, Rapaport came back to Edinburgh, for a second Sketch The Rhyme show with the full Scottish crew and this time the show was even better, the audience was bigger as people had been talking bout it since the previous show and the games worked better as all the rules became more clear to the crowd.

After Rapaport returned to Australia, Silvertongue and the TMFN Club artists have continued to perform Sketch The Rhyme with permission from Rapaport and the Sydney performers,

Silvertongue and TMFC have since put on 4 Sketch Shows in Edinburgh, but have recently stopped indefinitely as Silvertongue has moved to Perth.

Sketch The Rhyme are thrilled to have him perform in the show again with the rest of the crew of Sydney Artists and MCs.

Even though Silvertongue is the only Scottish performer on the Scottish team, he will be battling it out for the entire Edinburgh posse of artists that have been putting on the show over there.

It will be the first time Rapaport and Silvertongue have performed together since September 2011 and the first ever International Sketch The Rhyme show.



Ozi Batla is a true veteran of the Australian Hip Hop scene, One part of the iconic group The Herd, writer of such classics as 77%, member of the group Astronomy Class and a powerful solo performer, with solo Album 'Wild Colonial'. Ozi Batla has a distinctive style and was our first pick to represent the Australian Team.





...will be our guest story artist for this show which will no doubt involve the illustrious Denzel Rottington, the mascot and figure head of the D.R team.

They will also be holding a pop-up store on the night and have all tees and singlets going for a special `Sketch the Rhyme' price of $25. Snapbacks will also be on sale for just $15, only available at the show until stocks run out.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Support from Electric Choir Hustle
and Nick Sun, The Subterranean Standup Comedian


S K E T C H ★ K O M B A T . . 3rd & Final Round

Round 2

Thursday 27th Feb @ The Basement

Doors 7pm / $18 presale from Moshtix / $22 on the door / 29 Reiby Place Circ Quay


Two teams of 4 players, 2 rappers & 2 artists per team, going head-to-head representing their home turf in a kind of Sketch The Rhyme royal rumble... There can only be one winner.

This special gameshow tournament series spans 3 rounds over 3 months at The Basement, on the last Thursday of every month.

With our killer live band, special guests from across the country, and a whole host of new games we're taking the competition up a notch. Come and watch us do battle!


Rappers: Jeswon & Mantra (Melb)
Artists: Claire Nakazawa & Mıe Nakazawa

Rappers: P.Smurf & Bravo
Artists: Sam Clouston & Jason Howe



This special guest is arguably Australia's finest lyricist and all rounder MC, Mantra a gited and poetic storyteller, and powerfully expressive performer, this will be the 2nd time Mantra has performed with sketch, 1st time being way back in 2009 at Melbourne Fringe Festival

As an artist, Mantra has covered a huge amount of ground in the last eight years. One of Australia's most popular rappers, he is an Obese Records alumni with two albums under his belt, an outstanding amount of airplay and, above all, the kind of respect that earned him the label "your favourite rapper's favourite rapper".

He has released 3 acclaimed albums and is a true master of freestyle rapping.






Support from Vanessa Caspersz



...up next
Round 3 - Thursday 27th March

Sketch Kombat - Round 2 . . . RED vs BLUE

Round 1

Thursday 30th Jan @ The Basement

​Doors 7pm / $18 presale from Moshtix / $22 on the door / 29 Reiby Place Circ Quay


Two teams of 4 players, 2 rappers & 2 artists per team, going head-to-head representing their home turf in a kind of Sketch The Rhyme royal rumble... There can only be one winner.

This special gameshow tournament series spans 3 rounds over 3 months at The Basement, on the last Thursday of every month.

With our killer live band, special guests from across the country, and a whole host of new games we're taking the competition up a notch. Come and watch us do battle!


Rappers: Jeswon & Joe New
Artists: Claire Nakazawa & Mie Nakazawa

Rappers: P.Smurf & The Tongue
Artists: Ears & Sam Clouston


Support from Nick Sun, The Subterranean Standup Comedian

Extra art from Jason Howe


...up next
Round 2 - Thursday 27th February
Round 3 - Thursday 27th March

SKETCH ★ KOMBAT . . Round 1

Special one-off event:
The 10-on-10 One Shot Challenge

Monday 20th January @ The Basement

Doors 7pm / Filming 8pm / FREE / 29 Reiby Place Circular Quay

In anticipation of our upcoming 'Sketch Kombat' series at The Basement, Sketch The Rhyme invites you to a very special one-off event: The '10-on-10 One Shot Challenge', staged on the dancefloor at The Basement.

Featuring 20 of the city's best known rappers and urban artists going head-to-head in a new format show, specially developed for the filming of 'One Shot Cinema' - a process of film creation without cuts or editing:

  • 10 x Rappers - competing in freestyle battles on the middle of the dancefloor, encircled by the audience, artists and our killer live band.
  • 10 x Artists - live drawing and animated stories, projected onto multiple screens around the room.
  • 'One Shot' camera floating around the room, capturing the entire performance in a single scene.

The event will be filmed with the help of the New York Film Academy and Leonard Retel Helmrich, a pioneer of One Shot Cinema and one of the worlds most highly acclaimed documentary directors.​

For one night only, this is Sketch The Rhyme like you've never seen it before!

10 on 10 Team Challenge

Woodford & Brisbane

Woodford Folk Festival - Joyluck Club

  • Sunday 29 Dec - 9:30pm
  • Monday 30 Dec - 11.15pm
  • Tuesday 31 Dec - 9.15pm

Brisbane - The Joynt

Thursday 2nd Jan - $10
48 Montague Rd, South Brisbane


​Sketch The Rhyme return to Woodford Folk festival and Bris fave venue The Joynt for some big shows to end 2013 and bring in 2014.

With a touring party of 15 performers and crew these shows are gonna be epic.

MCs - Rapaport, P.Smurf, Verbaleyes (True Vibenation), Joe New

Artists - Claire Nakazawa, Mie Nakazawa, Jason How, Sam Clouston

Band - Josh Ahearn, Nick Maclean, Campbell Mcguiness, Duncan Ford

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Newtown Festival 2013

Sunday 10th November

11:15 Essential Stage

CMS added image

Island Vibe

Friday 25th- 27th October

Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Saturday 7:10pm @ The Cocunut Lounge

CMS added image

Camelot Lounge

Friday 20th September

8pm / Adult $25, Conc $18 / 103 Railway Pde Marrickville

Sketch The Rhyme return to the inner west with their first show at the iconic Camelot Lounge in Marrickville.

Sketch The Rhyme will be drawing from their recent fringe experience playing 15 shows in 13 days at the Adelaide Fringe in March where they received a weekly theatre award.

Sketch the Rhyme is a hip hop - live art game show created and based in Sydney's inner city. The show inspired by Mr Squiggle and Pictionary, is made up of a series of playoffs and games between 3 artists, 3 rappers and a live band. The Artists speed-sketch pictures relevant to a theme or topic, MCs then freestyle their response in rhyme, whether its improvising a story or guessing the catch-phrase.

Sketch The Rhyme was conceived by MC and Creative Director, Rapaport, and was developed through a 2 week collaborative workshop season between an assortment esteemed visual artists, freestyle MCs and improvising musicians during the 2008 Underbelly Festival, Carriageworks. The show has gone onto performing at festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe 2011, Woodford Folk Festival 2009 & 2010, Melbourne Fringe 2009 and the Sydney Comedy Festival Great Debate.

The thrill and danger of impro-theatre and the wit and charisma of freestyle battle raps is combined with fast paced illustrations to create a powerfully engaging and simply hilarious show.

The show thrives from the creativity, technicality and personality of the MCs and Artists. The MCs are Rapaport, P.Smurf from the group Daily Meds, and Jeswon from Thundamentals. The Artists Claire Nakazawa, Duckman, Sam Clouston, Edgarr and Mie Nakazawa come from a range of visual disciplines from street art and graffiti, to comics, cartoons and painting.

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​The Basement

Thursday 8th August

8pm / $18 presale - $22 door / 29 Reiby Place, Sydney

Rapaport, P.Smurf, Jeswon

Ozi Batla, Joe New

Claire Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Edgarr, Duckman, How?


+ Live beats by Ears and DJ Migz

Sketch the Rhyme continues a massive year moving into iconic Basement for a regular night of hip hop word games and exceptional art.

Sketch The Rhyme will commence a bi monthly night at the basement which will take the game show and live music aspects of the show to the next degree with a swag of new games, more guests and a killer live band.

The Sketch show has already had a big 2013, having conquered Adelaide Fringe fest with a smashing 13 night season and winning a weekly Theatre award, and reaching their 12K pozible target for the national tour. They also recently performed at Snowy Mountains Music Festival and The Famous Spiegeltent in Melbourne Arts Centre in February.

The First of a series of basement shows will feature Guest MC Ozi Batla and Joe New and regular Sketch MCs Jeswon, P.Smurf and Rapaport.

Sketch artists are Claire Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Mie Nakazawa, Edgar Bodley and Paul Gilsenan. Guests artists and supports yet to be confirmed.

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Newtown Hotel

Tuesday 23rd April

8pm / FREE ENTRY / 174 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Sketch The Rhyme is back from an epic tour to Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe for another midweek inner west love in at our fav watering hole Newtown Hotel in the centre of King st.

We doing a mashup set of different games, and might even throw some newbies in the mix.

MCs - Rapaport, P.Smurf, Jeswon

ARTISTS - Claire Nakazawa, Mie Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Edgarr, Duckman
with beats from chief Sketch selector DJ Migz

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Newtown Hotel

Tuesday 18th December 2012

7pm / FREE ENTRY / 174 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Featuring MCs:

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Sketch The Rhyme @
The Famous Spiegeltent!

This Saturday 2nd March, 11am
@ The Arts Centre Melbourne

Featuring MCs: Jesswon (Thundamentals), P.Smurf (Daily Meds), Rapaport and special guest Grey Ghost


Sketch @ The Famous Spiegeltent, The Arts Centre Melbourne

Sketch The Rhyme
'No Sleep Til Adelaide'
Tour Dates

Melbourne - The Famous Spiegeltent
Sat 2nd March, 11am

Special Guest MC Grey Ghost


Adelaide Fringe Festival,
Gluttony: Pig Pen

Thur 7th March, 11:50 pm
Fri 8th March, 11:50 pm
Sat 9th March, 11:50 pm
Sun 10th March, 11:50 pm
Mon 11th March, 11:50 pm
Tues 12th March, 6:30 pm
Wed 13th March, 6:30 pm
Thu 14th March, 11:50 pm
Fri 15th March, 11:50 pm
Sat 16th March, 11:50 pm
Sun 17th March, 11:50 pm

Special Guest MCs Dialect, Prime & Social Change selected nights


Sketch The Rhyme Pozible Campaign

Sketch wants to send a massive big hug of gratitude to everyone that has supported their Pozible campaign so far.

In the last 4 weeks we have had over 110 supporters that have pledged to help Sketch The Rhyme cover the costs of our first Australian Tour with 11 performers.

So far we have raised
$10000 of our $12000 target!

Campaign Ends Sunday 24th Feb.


Here is a list of rewards for supporters



$30 - LOGO TEE

$50 - ART TEE

$80 - RAP 101 - MC WORKSHOP










​TV Pilot Shoot

Sunday 28th October 2012
@ The Standard

7pm / FREE ENTRY / Level 3, 383 Bourke St Surry Hills, Sydney

Everyone's favourite freestyle rap, live art, pictionary gameshow/super jam 'Sketch The Rhyme' returns on Sunday the 28th of October at The Standard for the shooting of their TV Pilot!

For the last few months the crew has been busy working on a new television show that takes what you've known and loved from 5 years of Sketch The Rhyme and reinvents it for the small screen.

This will be Sketch like you've never seen it! Be there to witness the freshness!!

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Thursdays In June
The Mac Residency

Thursday 7th June 2012
@ The Macquarie Hotel

8:30 / FREE ENTRY / 42 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills

Sketch the Rhyme returns to the iconic Macquarie Hotel after an extended hiatus for a Thursday residency in June.

Sketch the Rhyme has taken a break from shows in Sydney in the last 9 months, due to members travelling and focusing on various other projects. The group is now gearing up for thefestival season around Australia and overseas throughout the year and in 2013.

For the June Mac residency Sketch will be trying out some new games including a new quiz show format, as well as the usual swag of guest MCs and your regular rap-sayers RAPAPORT (Loose Change), P.SMURF (Daily Meds) and JESWON (Thundamentals)

Week 1 - 7.6.12
Guest MC - TBC
Artists - Claire Nakazawa, Mie Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Jason Howe

Week 2 - 14.6.12
Guest MC - Native Wit (True Vibenation)
Artists - Claire Nakazawa, Pauly Duckman, Jason Howe, Creon

Week 3 - 21.6.12
Guest MC - Mikoen (Daily Meds)
Artists - Claire Nakazawa, Sam Clouston, Mie Nakazawa,
Guest Artist - Tasman Munro

Week 4 - 28.6.12
Guest MC - Verbaleyes (True Vibenation)
Artists - Mie Nakazawa, Pauly Duckman, Sam Clouston, Creon
Guest Artist - Sprinkles

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Live Video Recording

Friday 13th May 2011
@ FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel

8:30pm / $10 / Level 2, 248 William St Kings Cross, Sydney

Be part of the live video recording of Sketch the rhyme, Sydney's own interactive hip hop gameshow, where speed drawing meets freestyle rapping to the sounds of a live band. With games inspired by Mr Squiggle and Pictionary artists sketch topics, people or clues which are filmed and projected onto a large screen, while rappers freestyle stories and guess catch-phrases and celebrities.

Sketch The Rhyme will be premiering its own sketchy hip hop version of the classic story tale Pinochio, as an extended story animation with contribution from all sketch artists.

Artists - Sam Clouston, Mie Nakazawa, Jason Howe, Duckman, Claire Nakazawa MCs, JESWON (Thundamentals), P SMURF (Daily Meds), RAPAPORT (Loose Change / The Phonies) with live band The Supplements - Lampshade, Crinx Bonx, Duncan Ford, Gavin Ahearn.

with special guest

Having recently won the Mercury Prize for his work with Speech Debelle, ska-reggae re-inventor, Lotek (Jamaica/UK) is touring Australia's East-Coast to

launch his latest Album "International Rudeboy", and new single 'Drink Triples, See Double, Act Single'

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Sketch The Rhyme & The Phonies In Katoomba

​Friday 3rd December 2010

Hip Hop Pictionary game show, Sketch the Rhyme comes to the Blue Mountains for the first time before the crew sets off once again to QLD for Woodford Folk Festival.

Sketch the Rhyme is an interactive Hip Hop game-show where speed drawing meets rapping with live hip hop beats. A collaboration of artists, rappers and musicians where the audience is as much a part of the show as the performers. Artists sketch on paper which is filmed and projected live. Rappers freestyle about what the artists are drawing and audiences are invited to participate as the improvisation is structured into games. Games are inspired by Mr Squiggle, Pictionary and live animation. The live musical accompaniment is courtesy of Sydney hip hop gents `The Phonies'.

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