What is Sketch the Rhyme?

Footage taken from shows at Fbi Social and Dirty Shirlows in 2011.

Underbelly Festival

Filmed live at Carriageworks, Underbelly Festival, 2008. This was the first ever performance of Sketch The Rhyme.

Woodford Folk Festival

Footage taken from Woodford Folk Festival 2010/11.

Duckman's Story

Filmed live at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2010. This features Artist, Duckman and MCs Rapaport, Tuka and Ellesquire.

More The Messier

Filmed live at The Sando in 2010. This features MCs Rapaport, P.Smurf, Jeswon and Tuka and and a ransom assortment of our artists.

Mini Documentary

Filmed live at the Macquarie Hotel in 2009. Features MCs Jeswon, Tuka, Rapaport and P.Smurf and Artists Claire Nakazawa and Tasman Munro.

Live animation by Edgarr and John Doe

Filmed live at Hibernian House in 2009. Features Artists Edgarr and John Doe, and MCs Tuka, Jeswon and P.Smurf.